Thursday, 24 May 2018

Lab equipment

1.cylinder= It is Used to measure the volume of a liquid in milliliters.
2. Heat shield=It is designed to shield a substance from absorbing excessive heat from an outside source by either dissipating.
3.clamp= It is consists of a metal pole with a solid firm base, used to hold, or clamp, laboratory glassware in place, so that they do not fall down.
4.flask=  It is for holding, mixing and heating liquids
5.beaker= It is for holding and pouring liquids.
6.test tube= It is for holding, mixing and heating small amounts of liquids and  solids.
7.Funnel= It makes pouring easier. glass= It is to hold a solid while being weighed or to cover a beaker.
9.pipette= It is used to move small amount of liquid chemicals.
10.stirring rod= It is used to mix and stir solutions.
11.scoopula= It is used in chemistry lab to transfer solids.
12..O wire= It is to pick up small specimens.
13. Scarpet= It is easily to move the small amount of solid.
14. evaporating dish= It is used to evaporate excess solvents.

Sunday, 18 June 2017

percent to decimal

I had been ever learn how to change percent to decimal and decimal to percent.
If I want to change decimal to percent , I will multiply that number with 100. If I want to change percent to decimal , I will divide that number with 100.